Here’s an easy, non-medicated remedy for teething babies or adults with a toothache or gum pain.  My sweet baby boy has three teeth coming in right now and several other Mommas have been talking about their babies teething recently as well so I thought I’d share a super easy recipe that I’ve used since my first son was cutting teeth.  It’s great for numbing the pain and calming the inflamed gums.  This also works on adult toothaches, just adjust the recipe to the strength that works for you.

You will need:

  • A glass roll-on container
  • Small metal funnel (optional, less messy 😊)
  • Lavender essential oil (organic preferably)
  • Clove essential oil (organic preferably)
  • Carrier oil such as liquid coconut oil, grape seed oil or Olive oil (I use liquid coconut oil)


  • Place 3 drops Clove essential oil in the roll-on container
  • Add 6 drops Lavender essential oil
  • Fill container with carrier oil
  • Cover opening with your finger and give it a shake, then test on your own gums.  If it numbs and doesn’t sting, it’s perfect.  If it doesn’t numb, add one more Clove drop and two more Lavender drops and retest.  Continue until you get the right strength.  If it’s “hot” or stings, pour a little out (trash not the sink drain) and add more carrier oil.
  • I use about 5 drops clove to 10 drops lavender but it is a little hot so be sure to test it before putting it on your kiddo.
  • Once you have the right strength, push the roller on nice and tight and cap it!

Teething Toothache ReliefHere’s my little man, holding on to his teething oil!  I also use Loved Up Organic Baby Butter on his chin and cheeks to give him a barrier from the slobber which can break out that adorable face!

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Disclaimer:  As with all other information on this site, I’m sharing what has worked for me but I am not a doctor and the information is never intended to treat or diagnose.