One of my favorite facial care/cosmetics companies is having a sale now through Monday so if you’re looking to go “primal” with your face routine, now is a good time as they are offering 25% off their make up. It’s Primal Life Organics… Not only do they use non-toxic, natural, primal ingredients but the stuff is actually great for your skin (they call it skin food)! I can attest that my skin has drastically improved since using their products (along with another company that I’ll discuss in a separate post). My skin is hydrated but not oily and even toned. Plus I rarely ever have a breakout!
From the PLO line, I use the following products:

Carrot seed face moisturizer (still on my first jar for the last 4+ months with daily use)

Bronze cheek stain (it’s made from cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc….smells yummy! It is not shimmery and I use their cheek brush to apply it dry to my face though they recommend a wet application. Still on my first jar here too, have been using it daily for over 4 months.)

Light colored concealer (I use mine daily under my eyes and on any blemishes or uneven spots. At first I wasn’t a fan but I realized I need to put it on, smooth it out, finish my make up and smooth one more time to prevent creasing. Now I love it! My first stick has lasted months and will probably be going strong for another 12.)

Make up brushes. I use their angled cheek brush and Kabuki foundation brush. LOVE. THEM. BOTH.

Sweet & Salty Hair Sprays. I rarely use hair products but when I do, I use these. The sweet spray is a hair spray and the salty spray is a texturizer (think: saltwater beach, sun-dried hair). I like their hair serum to for frizziness. Again, will likely never have to buy another of these because they last!

Dirty Margarita Stick Up Deodorant. I have been allergic to ever single natural deodorant that I’ve tried. Besides that, most don’t work. I ordered this figuring I would get the same result but fortunately this time it worked for me! This formula does not have baking soda but rather it has clay (thus why they call it “dirty”). I will say that I can’t go all day with just a morning application, I usually will need to reapply by late afternoon. Sometimes I even put regular (chemical) deodorant over the top of it if I need extra assurance! I started taking chlorophyll supplements and that has helped in not needed the extra, toxic deodorant 😉.

So, if you are interested in a truly primal, paleo, non-toxic, good-for-you skincare company, this one has some great items.

Please use this link each time you purchase as I will receive a small portion of the sale to help fund this website. I absolutely will only recommend products and companies that are truly holistic, natural, non-toxic and effective.

Prices are already marked 25% off on their make up and you only have until Monday January 11th, 2016 for the special! If you purchase after that, consider setting up a subscription so that you receive 15% off. You can always cancel the subscription easily with their program.

Again, check out PLO!