Do Natural Products Actually Work?

I get asked this question every week and it’s tough to answer.   Some products do.  As I was wrapping up my day I was thinking about the choices I made, what I ate, what products I used, the many blessings in my life and all of the things I want to share with each of you over the weeks, months and years.  What I noticed is that several opportunities presented themselves for me to use my own natural products and I wanted to share these things with you.  Not in hopes of selling another item but wondering if some of you have ailments that you’ve resigned to live with that you don’t have to.  On top of that, these products are actually good for you – not just non-toxic or all natural – they are beneficial for your skin and health.

Seven products I used from the PNL store

I used seven items that can be found in the PNL store today alone.  I had no plans for writing this post today so I wasn’t even trying!  It’s just easy to use great products when you have them on hand…if they exist (I’m still searching for several natural replacements of household and personal care items).

Natural deodorant that really works

First of all, I started my day using the world’s best natural deodorant, PiperWai.  Read my Piper Wai Natural Deodorantpost here about my not-so-easy experience with natural deodorants.  I only have a few jars left on hand and the company is currently on a 4 week back order.  I have another wholesale order in but it can’t get here fast enough!  Amazon has Piper Wai jars going for $42 each.  I have these last few jars for $12.99 each.  I’m so grateful to know everyday that my deodorant WORKS and is great for my skin and health.  I can still go 24-30 hours without any sweat smell with this stuff.

Salve that heals while relieving pain and itching

My toddler had a painful hang nail so I trimmed it and placed some FIXED UP organic first FIXED UPaid salve on his finger.  It lessens the pain and speeds healing, plus it’s safe for kids 2 and up.  I love this product for soooo many things!



Lip Balm for a busted lip

Then, my one year old smashed his lip into a tricycle outside while we were playing and ended up with a fat lip.  I put some CHAPPED UP organic lip balm on it and by tonight, the natural products that healswelling and redness was not noticeable (as far as I can tell, it’s gone).  CHAPPED UP is
actually the FIXED UP formula with a hint of spearmint.  It is amazing on lips for healing and preventing cold sores.  Speaking of which, I had started to get a tingle last night so I put some CHAPPED UP on before bed.  Today I did not have any sign of a cold sore but my lips were dry and starting to split.  I used it again to keep any pesky cold sores at bay and so far, no fever blister!  This is my favorite lip balm ever for so many reasons.

A remedy for eczema without chemicals

As you may know, most of my products are not my formula, they are the handy work of my friend Jason who lives a couple hours away.  My one creation is SOFTEN UP organic dry, cracked skin repair which I designed for my husband’s dry, splitting winter hands and fingertips.  I soon discovered that this product is a rare healer for eczema and psoriasis, first SOFTEN UP Organic Dry, Cracked Skin Repairby the improvement of my son’s skin and then by other’s.  I used it today for my dry hands and for my toddler’s red bumpy cheeks and eczema ridden arms.  I wouldn’t recommend it for small children unless you’ve successfully tested it on their skin as it does have powerful organic essential oils in it.  I was reminded again of how amazing this formula is as Jason used it for the first time this week and saw meaningful improvement with eczema right away.  I am fortunate to have his help in manufacturing the future batches!  I currently have only a few jars on hand from my last small batch.

Rash prevention on baby’s face and bottom

For babies, toddlers and adults alike, LOVED UP organic whipped baby butter is an amaziLOVED UP Organic Whipped Baby Butterng moisturizer and skin protectant.  My little one had a red bum so I reached for this wonderful baby butter which not only heals skin but also protects it from moisture and irritants.  He also is teething with constant drool so I used the baby butter on his chin to protect it from getting red and rashy.  The best part?  It’s made completely with food grade ingredients so it’s safe when he tries to eat it!

Relieving neck tension and a headache

As my evening was winding down, I took a dab of MESSED UP organic extreme pain relief out of huMESSED UP Organic Extreme Pain Reliefbby’s tin.  He’s had a sore back/hip for months now that he’s been managing the pain by using MESSED UP twice a day.  My neck has been knotted up and giving me headaches so I put a small amount on it to help my muscles relax.  I love that the mild scent vanishes after a few minutes but the effect lasts much longer.  This product is amazing for so many things where pain, inflammation, decreased circulation, etc. wreak havoc on your body.  Best of all, it’s made with organic, all natural, non-toxic ingredients and is non-narcotic.

Simple immune-boosting syrup for the whole family

elderberry syrupFinally, we have been keeping the sick bugs at bay for a couple weeks now with the help of some homemade organic Elderberry syrup (my favorite so far is Wellness Mama’s recipe) where I used part of a bag of organic dried elderberry from my store.  I’ve had the whole family taking this daily!

If you have an ailment that is going unaddressed please continue to seek out an effective, natural solution.  God has given us many tools to use for our health and happiness!

Visit my shop and see if there’s something for you and your family.

As always, this is what works for me and my family and no information in this post or on this site is intended to treat, cure or diagnose.  Contact your physician before making changes to your regimen