Many people have heard that commercial antiperspirants and deodorants are harmful to your body.  Aluminum in antiperspirants have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s and more and ingredients like triclosan and propylene glycol found in deodorants are said to disrupt your endocrine system.  When I realized this during my transition to living more holistically, I thought, “No big deal! I’ll just go buy same natural deodorant”.  I had no idea what I was in for!

I have tried about every brand of natural deodorant (seriously probably 15 or more) out there and found that I have one of two results: (1) They don’t work at all or (2) They work if I apply every few hours BUT I get a gnarly red, bumpy, itchy rash which is painful!  I once even made my own, which was an ineffective and embarrassing experience!

For the last year or so, I’ve been using baking soda-free Primal Life Organics Dirty Margarita deodorant and then I would put some Old Spice deodorant over it (my small town doesn’t offer a women’s deodorant other than Toms and it gave me a pit rash…plus it is NOT all natural anyway).  It was the best I could do to avoid the stink (most days 😳).

Well back a couple months ago, I was watching my beloved Shark Tank and saw two gals who had come up with this “amazing” natural deodorant called PiperWai that had activated charcoal in it.  They literally got one of the Sharks to smell a gal’s pit so I figured, Why Not?   I’ll order it and add it to my collection of natural deodorants that have good ingredients but don’t work for me which live in my linen closet because I can’t bear the thought of throwing out such expensive products!

These gals, Sarah and Jess, did such a great job that they sold about 10 times the amount of deodorant than they planned so orders have been backlogged and I just received mine about a week ago.  I am blown away and so relieved.  This deodorant not only keeps me smelling great for at least 24 hours, it also seems to help me sweat less!  What’s actually going on is the ingredients absorb sweat and neutralize odor.  Activated charcoal is a key ingredient and it has the ability to absorb 1000x it’s weight in moisture.  I’ll write a post about how you can use it another time, but do yourself a favor and get some on hand just in case…hospitals use it for poisoning victims and I use it on my teeth and face!  Again, that’s a topic for a different day.  If you get some, make sure it’s activated coconut shell charcoal.  Here’s what I use (not an affiliate link).

Back to PiperWai, I believe in this product so much that I have ordered it to carry in my shop. It’ll be mid to late March before I receive my first shipment (thanks to the Shark Tank backlog) but you can pre-order now.  I offer free shipping on orders over $30, no tax outside of Colorado and it’s the same price as what they offer it for.

If you’ve tried them all, try one more, it’ll be your last time to “try” another natural deodorant!   I appreciate you buying it from me as it helps me fund the expansion of this site, webinars and events and additional resources that I have planned to help you in your transition to natural living!

Thanks for your interest!


**2/24/16 UPDATE**

I have received several jars of PiperWai ahead of schedule!  You can now place an order as it is in stock!

**10/30/16 UPDATE**

I am currently out of stock in PiperWai.  Due to changes by the manufacturer, only companies with a brick and mortar location can purchase wholesale.  I still love and recommend this product!

Disclaimer:  The information in this post and on this site is my opinion of what works for me.  It is not intended to treat or diagnose.  The products mentioned above are not owned or affiliated with Practical Natural Life.