Meal planning real foodI have put off meal planning for years – literally years! I thought it was too rigid for us and besides, the kids don’t eat much of what we do anyway and my husband is picky so it probably wouldn’t work for us, right? WRONG! I am finally addressing the part of our life that is the most important for natural living and health – what foods we eat and I didn’t want to figure out the recipes, meal planning and grocery shopping on my own so I went searching for the perfect plan and found that there already is an amazing meal planning solution out there that works wonders for my family and I and I hope will for yours too.

I have paired this new habit up with a newfound treasure in our area, grocery delivery! Being a mostly-at-home Mom, I don’t like spending half of the day getting the kids ready to go to town and grocery shop just to have to haul it all out, plus the kids and then drag it into the house. We have many other fun things we can be doing!

So, I recently found out that Sonny’s Super Foods in Sidney, Nebraska (308-254-4120) delivers on Tuesdays and Fridays within the city limits of Sidney.

I don’t live in the city limits but my mother-in-law does so I can just have it delivered there! There is no charge as long as you spend more than $35 so I would say this is a *steal*. I love their produce and meat and the way I’ve been meal planning, those are my primary items on the list so it works perfectly for me. If you don’t want to spend time picking out your groceries or taking the kids through the store, consider giving Sonny’s Delivery a try.  I believe you have to submit your order (via phone) by noon on Tuesdays or Fridays and then they deliver in the afternoon. Don’t live in town? Ask to borrow someone’s house and just have them deliver to your car at their address like I do :).

Let’s talk about the meal planning program I’ve been using…it’s very easy to use and is configurable to your family and the type of food you eat. You certainly can meal plan using this software with all of your own recipes but I have found some yummy, healthy, easy recipes under the Wellness Mama upgrade so I have yet to use my own!  You can choose which day of the week to “start” your plan for the upcoming week (I start mine on Fridays since I get groceries delivered then). I have our configuration set up for 2 servings and then I just adjust the recipe if I need a little more. I still manage to have leftovers for our lunches the following day. You are not required to plan every meal and it has fun options to give you variety like a “make ahead” breakfast, full breakfast, everyday breakfast, etc. Same with lunches and dinners. At this time, I plan most breakfasts, only one or two lunches a week and most dinners. That allows me to not over purchase and I can adjust if something comes up like a lunch with friends or dinner out. What I LOVE the most is that I plan my meals and then just download the shopping list. The program allows you to mark off the items you already have on hand and to add other items that you need that might not be a part of the meals (snacks, etc.). You can download a PDF or just email the list to yourself. Their mobile app also allows you to just check items off as you shop if you do go to the store to pick up groceries.

You can subscribe by the month, quarter or year. It’s a lot cheaper to do the annual subscription so I did that and I think I saved the cost of the program within the first week or two! I would strongly recommend doing the Wellness Mama recipe upgrade as she offers over 500 recipes which include paleo and primal-friendly items as well as gluten and dairy-free variations. I’ve been making most meals dairy and gluten-free. Oh, and I lost two pounds the first week and will be losing more as we continue!

The configuration is perfect for families dealing with food allergies or sensitivities as you are actually able to “exclude” certain food groups and items from the recipes.

I hope you will consider giving yourself a break and trying out meal planning in a fast and easy program. It can help you save time, money and provide your family with healthy, homemade options for every age.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you sign up for the same meal planning program that I use, a portion of the transaction will come back to me to support this website.  My policy is to never recommend a product or service that I do not use personally.  I am very selective about those who I chose to partner with ensuring their values align with mine.