PiperWai natural creme deodorant arrives this week (Tuesday)!  I’ve continued using this effective all-natural deodorant from the Shark Tank airing and I. LOVE. IT.  Here’s why…

1) It keeps me as dry as my former clinical strength deodorant

2) I can go 30+ hours without reapplying with no sweat smell

3) It smells amazing (gender-neutral scent)

4) My arm pits do not itch and have no rash like other natural deodorants have caused me

5) At this rate, the jar will last me about 3 months which means I’m SAVING money ($11.99/2 oz jar compared to $8-$10/month for prior commercial antiperspirant)

6) It has yet to stain my clothes

7) I am confident that my deodorant is actually good for my skin and health and not filled with questionable ingredients.

A few things to note:

You do have to use your fingers to scoop it out and rub it in.  This doesn’t bother me at all but might take some getting used to.

When I apply immediately after shaving, it has a brief cooling feeling (some might call it a sting)

It can be crumbly if you don’t take about 2 seconds to warm it up with your fingers.  After you do, it goes on smoothly.
Read my prior postNatural Deodorant Stinks” to learn more about my experience with natural deodorant during my transition to the natural life.

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