Getting a new tattoo?  You need to get Fixed Up before getting new ink.  This amazing salve helps to speed the healing process and keep your tattoo and skin both itch and pain-free.  It is 100% Organic, made using Calendula flower (awesome  for healing wounds and promoting cell repair and growth) that was steeped in Organic EVOO for at least a month.  The flower is cold pressed then discarded and the oil is then added to Organic Unrefined African Shea Butter and Colorado Beeswax, followed by the addition of Organic, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Helichrysum, German Chamomile and Tea Tree) which help to calm and heal skin, reduce inflammation and prevent infection.


Check out these two very recent reviews of FIXED UP Organic First Aid Salve:

This stuff is amazing….“I got a tattoo on Friday night and Kari gave the Fixed Up cream to me yesterday [at a wellness seminar] to try on my tattoo. The tattoo was not yet full scabbed, so when I put it on yesterday afternoon it stung a little bit, but actually made my tattoo feel better. It was super tender and sore before I put Fixed Up on. Last night my tattoo was completely scabbed, and this morning my tattoo is almost completely healed with no tenderness or soreness whatsoever. This stuff is amazing!”

We have a customer who has the majority of his body covered in ink who just got his chest tattooed, here’s what he said 5 days following his new tattoo:

So the salve is awesome…Cleared up the foliculitis I had from shaving, tattoo peeled already, stopped the pain, and it hasn’t itched after I used the salve.”

Get yours now, it also is great for cuts, scrapes, bruises, bumps, bites and stings.  Kid friendly ages 2 and up!